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The 2000 July 4th Car and Boat parade.

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Go to the Dutton Web site to see the factory site

Go to the web site     Go to the web site

Go to a review of the dutton at

See AMPHIB 2000


We have been very lucky to have Don and Liz provide the boats for the extended families to use.

This picture is of the 1990 Pro-star Master craft.  Dave had a tower with Bimini built and mounted during the 1999 summer. This picture also shows the cover of the Sky Ski.

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This is a picture of the 1989 Master craft Tri-Star which was purchased this year.

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Below is a picture of the Pontoon boat which is always ready to drive any of you visitors that we look forward to visiting us.

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Below is a picture of the two ski boats in there sleeping location.

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